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Welcome to Gnomesexual Pwnstars!

The atmosphere in the guild is dense with high dedication although we are a casual guild. Our roster is filled with mature and active veteran mmo players with different backgrounds gamewise (WoW, Aion, Rift DAoC, LoTR, SW:ToR) etc.. Our goal is to clear the latest PvE content and achive high PvP ranking toward endgame while enojoying our selves and haveing a blast together as a team on a more personal level.

Three words that describe GsP as a guild:



We are looking for players who want to join our ranks towards future Raids and BGs/Arena. We have a few roles to fill in in our 10man group. Social members are always welcome!

What we have to offer:

  • A friendly atmosphere.
  • Dedicated & skilled fellow guild members.
  • Fixed & random Raid & BG groups.
  • Dungeon/Alt runs.
  • Boosting of fellow guild members.
  • Weekly lottery with a chance to win gear/gold.
  • Upcoming PvP Tournaments.

And much more! 

For more info make an application/registration online or contact any GsP member ingame.

Best regards,

Members Of Gnomesexual Pwnstars!

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Thygris, Jun 8, 12 5:30 AM.
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